Tim Barnes

Reel-to-reel audio tape mocks the notion of sound moving through space, locked in its muted form, it stretches around the gallery like the entrails of a deadened corpse. Its life is made present only at two points, one crisp and clear, the other, its dying murmurs.

It is a close encounter. A focused showering of sound falls on spot positions. Here sound's material, still formless, is concentrated towards an individual perceiver, denying others access to its soundscape. The uniqueness of this experience teases the sense of being beamed up into a spaceship.

Sound Structure

A column of sound is a powerful sculptural proposition, it is both vacant and inhabited and truly dynamic. I enter its vague dimensions.

This is my space, my sound column, my stage on which I am cast as critical listener in a reciprocal performance. It seems the listener must offer themselves, their own body to the artwork and in return attains an understanding and comprehension.

Others outside this column experience the sound in a muted movement, a gesture that is only extended visually and in being denied immersion in audible sound waves, might assume instead the activity of technological transfer. A sort of compression of travelling information, or information withheld.

Material is never withheld. Presenting itself in two forms, the numb audio tape and sound which invades the listener directly, from reel to real.